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Visa to Azerbaijan

In order to obtain a visa to Azerbaijan applicants should provide to our Agency the following:

  1. Valid, signed U.S. passport. The passport must be valid for at least 6 months and contain at least one blank visa page
  2. Two passport-type photograph
  3. One filled out visa application form
  4. An invitation from Azerbaijan. (Invitation should be sent through Consular Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Azerbaijan).
    • For business, education and humanitarian visas: if an invitation from a receiving party or partner is not sent through Consular Department of the MFA, travelers should submit an invitation received by fax directly from a receiving party in Azerbaijan and a letter of request from the employer.
    • For tourist visas (only single entry): confirmation from receiving tourist organization in Azerbaijan or from a hotel is required. Tourist visa is valid for exact dates of hotel accommodations purchased in advance.
    • For visitor visas (only single entry): if invitation from the citizen of Azerbaijan is not sent through Consular Department of the MFA, the applicant has to state exact address and phone number of inviting party in the application form and to enclose it a copy of Azerbaijan citizen`s identity document.

Type of visa and duration of stay
3-10 days
 Single entry (up to 90 days)  U.S.$140
 Double entry (up to 90 days)  U.S.$140
 Multiple entry (up to 1 year)  U.S.$300
 Single Transit (up to 3 days)  U.S.$60
 Double Transit (up to 3 days)  U.S.$80